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HCTA's 2024 Election Resources



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Gregg Laskoski, Hernando County School Board District 4

Kayce Hawkins for Hernando County School Board, District 2 (Facebook)


Local Referendum - Elected School Superintendent OPPOSE
Amendment 1 - Partisan School Board RacesOPPOSE
Local Referendum - Renewal of One Half-Cent Sales Surtax to Continue Funding Fixed Capital Improvements to SchoolsSUPPORT
Local Referendum - Hernando School District Millage Election for Public School StudentsSUPPORT
Suggested guidance for communicating with elected officials--
  • Email from your personal email account, and do so after regular work hours
  • Keep your tone respectful and professional
  • Organize your thoughts for clarity --state your purpose for communicating and stick to one topic per communication
  • Speak from your personal perspective; tell your story 

HCSD School Board Members:







We know that funding our future is going to require a sustained commitment from elected leaders in Tallahassee. If investment in our public schools is not prioritized during this legislative session, we can expect that Florida will continue to remain in the bottom 10 nationwide in public education funding...and it will be our students who will suffer the continuing impacts of a growing teacher shortage. This January, we need to ensure that all eyes in Tallahassee are on Funding Our Future! Will you commit to joining education advocates from across the state? Click here to complete the survey.


Red for Ed Wednesdays Return

(August 21, 2019) BROOKSVILLE, FL -- Hernando Classroom Teachers' Association is calling for all public education advocates to recommit to the Wear Red for Ed campaign through the 2019-2020 school year. Red for Ed is both a statewide and national effort to draw much needed attention to the funding crisis which is impacting classrooms across the country. Wearing red on Wednesdays throughout the year is a show of solidarity and a visible reminder of the ongoing struggle to appropriately fund public education.

In designating Wednesdays as our Wear Red for Ed day each


Fund Our Future: Hernando

Teacher working conditions ARE student learning conditions!

At a time when recruiting and retaining educators has proven to be the greatest challenge for school districts everywhere, we're calling upon school boards across the state of Florida--but especially our school board here in Hernando County-- to keep respect for educators and the needs of EVERY student at the forefront of decisions they make as they plan for the year ahead.

Teachers need to feel supported and respect for the profession needs to be restored...the success of every student depends upon it!

Please click on the link(s) to


Be the Voice of Our Schools, Our Community


Over the past year, we've witnessed the proliferation of disinformation about our public schools-- targeting curriculum, district leadership and educators alike-- and all driven by narrow political agendas. Once a place for the community to unite in the shared interest of building strong schools and supporting student learning, school board meetings have become center stage for partisan attacks based on false narratives that only serve to undermine the investments we make in our classrooms every day. Unfortunately, fiction can be perceived as reality when it is the only narrative that exists.

We know that for the true story of public education to be heard, we must be willing to speak up. Students, parents and educators who live the experience and do the work of public education are the voices best equipped to bring our community back into a purposeful, focused and truthful dialogue around the promise of public education. It is imperative that we are engaged in the public spaces where our schools and education policy are being discussed.

The work you do is important, valuable, and challenging--tell your story. Please commit to attending a local school board meeting and help set the record straight. Contact with any questions you may have or to let us know when you can attend.

Click here to view the calendar of upcoming school board meetings.

2022-23 Pay Raises Have Been Ratified!

At a time when recruiting and retaining educators has proven to be the greatest challenge for school districts everywhere, this year's economic package is a win for both teachers and Hernando Schools. Improved starting salaries will help attract new educators, while returning staff will receive a much-needed and well-deserved increase. Coupled with the continuing referendum supplements bargained in 2021-22 and a new retention bonus, this year's market adjustment will provide for better than a 5% improvement in compensation for returning educators! 

It is


Public Ed Activist BINGO

Click to Access the Digital Public Ed Activist BINGO Card:

Tallahassee politicians spend a lot of time talking about education, but precious little time talking to educators. To address the growing teacher and staff shortage crisis in Florida’s public schools, lawmakers must finally take the time to listen to the professionals who are in the schools every day doing the work to make sure our students are successful.

So far, the Legislature has failed to fully respond to this crisis. Instead, we have seen short-term patches such as waiving teacher preparation requirements, promoting scripted lessons, and a reliance on failed bonus programs. These