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Become A Member of Hernando Classroom Teachers' Association

Sign up online and complete setup of eDues at the same time. If you need assistance, contact the United Office (352-237-6275) for support.

*Must be a member in dues-paid status at the time of concern to qualify for representation in employment matters*

Stronger United

The Hernando Classroom Teachers’ Association – your professional union – is Hernando County’s active advocate for teachers. For over forty years, we have stood and spoken for quality education and for serving and protecting your best interests. 

HCTA is a professional organization that brings together teachers so that our voices as education professionals can be heard and respected. When you join your colleagues in HCTA, you are supporting an organization that is working through the school system, the legislature, and the community, to build support for higher standards of conduct and achievement in our classrooms. You are also covering yourself with $1,000,000 in liability insurance and attorneys that will protect your teaching certificate should it be at risk if you are disciplined, or if students or colleagues make false accusations against you. 

HCTA elected leaders are in constant communication with district administrators, voicing the opinions and concerns of school employees and defending their rights, as professionals.

The strength of any union is its members.  If you are not yet a member, do not hesitate any longer. Join today!  We are stronger united!

Why Join?


Top Reasons to Join HCTA Today!

   Your membership also benefits you directly in a number of ways.     Here are just a few:

  • A Commitment to Excellence:  HCTA is a community of colleagues dedicated to being our best for all of Florida’s students.  We demand the most of ourselves, each other and our profession.


  • Your Union Contract:  From wages to health insurance, performance pay to evaluations, nearly every part of our work life is covered by the contract your union bargains with the school district.  The bigger and stronger our union, the better the contract we can negotiate.

  • Money-saving Member Benefits:  In addition to fighting for fair salaries and benefits, your union offers a range of discount programs that help educators stretch their hard-earned dollars.  Through the buying power of our two national affiliates you are eligible for big discounts on insurance, home financing and everyday purchases.

  • Democracy:  This is your union.  Every member has a vote and unrestricted access to every level of union governance:  local, state and national.  Working together, our union is what we make it.

  • Professional growth and development:  Through conferences, meetings, training and communications, you are connected to other teachers, public employees and educators across the state and nation.  You have the opportunity to grow as an educator by collaborating with colleagues in your district and beyond.

  • Community Networking:  Your membership in your professional organization allows you to network with and learn from the 140,000 educators across Florida who share your commitment to public education.